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ANGUS ROBERTSON is a visual communicator focusing on themes of graphic design while delving into what it means to be a filmmaker through his ambient though disorientating short videos. Robertson uses humour to investigate subjects which are somewhat inane in their earnest dysfunctionality. He is currently working towards a place in communication design at Glasgow School of Art.

Tell me about your impression of the meaning of paradise?

I think although the essence of it is rooted in religion, it's very much a take it as your own and give it your own meaning sort of thing. To me it can be a range of things but still be your absolute ideal setting and situation, moments or time periods that you view as high points in your life.

How do you hope to explore this?

I think because of the fact that everyone has such different ideas of what it is; it can sometimes be hard to imagine why someone might see it in a certain way because it is so far from your own. I look so explore more what others view as paradise and in a somewhat satirical way. I like to poke fun at societal values in my work; I think people are really interesting and funny.

You are one of three designers, versus six artists, in the show. Will we see evidence of this in your work?

Yes design is often brief lead work to serve a purpose, but at this stage I can work freely to my own brief and experiment in any way I choose, so no I don't know if the difference will be so clear. Perhaps the style of my work might give it away as I don't often work in a way which would be perceived as fine art (painterly paintings/abstract expressive works/sculpture).

Much of your work involves a graphic design take on film making. How has this enhanced & directed your work?

Film not only conveys an idea to the viewer but I feel allows them to experience it more readily. Through filming/editing techniques, use of sound, use of light and so on, I am easily able to alter the way in which the piece is viewed. I really enjoy this way of shifting the way something is perceived by altering subtleties that probably would go unnoticed, but at the same time add to the full experience. It has also allowed to me to take work far further than it could have gone otherwise.

Will you be using these techniques to approach paradise? Potentially transporting the viewer to experience your perception of a particular paradise or will the work be open to interpretation?

Definitely an approach to consider, however I feel that I want the viewer to feel familiarity in the work, something they can relate to or identify with. So in this way, it could definitely be an experience for them, something that they feel they have experienced or seen before.

What can we look forward to seeing from you in Glasgow's thriving art community in the future?

Hopefully much more like this! This is really the first self-directed exhibition I've been involved in and I think as my practice develops I'll involving myself with a range of projects. At this stage I feel quite free to get involved with anything I find interesting. In particular I hope to be part of something film related.

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Article by Emma Hislop

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