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MEGAN GALLACHER has been accepted into Edinburgh College of Art’s esteemed fashion course and is very open in her approach to creating her work. Her inspiration has been drawn from many different areas, including her own engagement with the fine arts. She is not held down by any discipline as such though, often her work crosses over the boundaries of what would be considered “fashion design”.

Your typical work is within the realms of fashion design. Will you be taking "Paradise" from a fashion angle?

No - for this exhibition I’m focusing on a fine art approach to objects as my source of inspiration.

Are you planning to work in a specific fine art discipline?

Hopefully sculpture. I want to explore the memories of “paradise” we attach to various material objects and the deterioration of those different memories.

What do you want the public to take away from “paradise”?

I’m hoping it will raise questions about their own objects. I intend for the audience think more about what it means to have their memories associated with items which are not necessarily “precious” in the common sense.

Can you speak on your creative process?

I like working with my hands, and manipulating/experimenting with materials. I then try to find artists sources as inspiration, relate their findings to my own, and expand on that. Not everything can be finished, so you can always go back and rework everything, which makes my “final” ideas a part of my continuing development process.

You have chosen to base this on a project at Tramway Visual Arts Studio. What has VAS been like for you and how has it affected your ability to make work?

VAS has been a excellent experience. It has opened me up in a sense, to think about everything. For example, a line not just being a line, but it’s what can I do with the line. It has allowed me to push myself in different ways.

Finally, what are the challenges and positives of not being in VAS for this exhibition?

It will be much more difficult to seek advice, hopefully I should find this from friends: everyone's working collaboration. Peers are always help in inspiration. I also think I worked so well in that space, but it will be revealing to see if I can push myself without a tutor!




Learn more about Megan Gallacher by following the link to her page and visiting her social media outlets. You can also continue to keep up to date with the exhibition by following our instagram @paradise_exhibition and the blog




Article by Freya Wilson


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